Network Enforcement Act ("NetzDG")

This page describes the Network Enforcement Act ("NetzDG") and contains information on reporting illegal content as defined in the NetzDG.

NetzDG is a German law according to which social media networks must take measures to resolve complaints about illegal content.

The full text of the NetzDG can be found here.

The Federal Ministry of Justice has published frequently asked questions about the law, which can be found here.

Please note that faceworld has a separate privacy policy,which prohibits certain types of content.

You can report any content that violates TibTob policies by using the Report link,

which is shown in the dropdown options next to the content.

Further information can be found in the general terms and conditions.


Learn more about NetzDG.

What content can I report under NetzDG?

Under NetzDG, you can report any content that violates the provisions of the German Criminal Code (GCC) set forth in NetzDG. NetzDG does not cover all types of illegal content items posted on faceworld. For example, it does not address intellectual property rights such as copyrights or trademarks, rights related to your private images, or public data protection rights. You should report other types of content that you believe violate our Community Standards via the appropriate channel. You can find more information in How to use regarding how to report this type of content.


Only content set forth in the following criminal laws is governed by NetzDG:













  • Section 184b plus 184d of the German Criminal Code - Distribution, acquisition and possession of child pornography.





  • Section 269 - falsifying data for the purpose of providing evidence.

What happens when you file a report under NetzDG?


If you submit a report using the NetzDG reporting form, you will receive an automatic e-mail with information about your report. You must save this report in case you want to communicate with us about your report.

We may respond to your report and ask you for more information. If you receive an email from us, please respond to it promptly so that our competent team can continue to process your report.

When you revoke access to content in response to a report under NetzDG, we will inform you and the person who posted the content of the decision we made and the reasons for making that decision. Please be aware that if you report content through the NetzDG form, we will not reveal your identity to the person who posted the content.

How do I report content that I believe is subject to NetzDG?


If you believe that the content posted on TibTob falls under one of the provisions of German criminal law covered by NetzDG, please inform us of it via the Contact Us field and the title of the attached message must be NetzDG. Thus, we can distinguish the messages addressed to us and put them in the form dedicated only to reports of violations of German criminal law stipulated in NetzDG. Spam should not be sent via this method of reporting any content not provided for in NetzDG.

NetzDG requires social networks mentioned in the law to record certain statistics, such as the number of reports they receive from users under the NetzDG law and how these reports are handled. In order for us to comply with these reporting obligations, it is important to report content that you believe is prohibited by NetzDG by sending us a message that has violated NetzDG.

Before filing a report under NetzDG, you must send a message to the person who posted the content. You may be able to solve the problem without contacting the TibTob team. Additionally, allegations of illegal content are a very serious matter, and you may need to seek the advice of a lawyer or regulatory body before making any report.

What information should be included in a NetzDG infringement report?


In order for us to consider your report, we need sufficient information about content that you believe is illegal under NetzDG. Please include the following information in your report:

  • Complete contact information, including whether you are an official authority set forth in NetzDG
  • Links to the specified content on faceworld that you want to report
  • The section (s) of German criminal law that you deem the content you are reporting breaches
  • Specific phrases or images in the reported content that you believe are illegal under NetzDG
  • Why you believe these phrases or images are illegal under NetzDG
  • Court order, if available